Strainers, Baskets and Screens

Channel drains are often plagued with debris of all types and sizes.  This could be anything from leaves to industrial process particulates.  In many cases, this particulate can be detrimental to the piping system that the channel drain ties into.  Dura Trench has been working in the industrial sector for many years solving these problems.  We have solutions to collect sediment in removable buckets, screen outlet pipes, provide large baskets to catch debris, and even stop the trench completely.

channel drain strainers, baskets, and screens


Strainers are simple devices that are placed over the outlet pipe of a channel drain system.  Strainers clog faster than other types of systems such as trench drain screens or catch basin baskets.  For this reason, we prefer to make them domed so that they work longer without clogging.  The trench drain strainer is a simple, economical way to provide protection to your outlet piping.  This type of system works well for larger debris like bottle caps, plastic pellets, and other items that do not easily bind the strainer.  

Trench drain system outlet strainers

Trash Baskets

Trash baskets are made to catch debris that floats or can be screened.  Note that many people use this term interchangeably with a sediment bucket so it is important to clarify exactly which design you require.  A trash basket serves a very different function than a sediment bucket.  Dura Trench trash baskets are designed to go into one of our catch basins.  Our catch basins have been carefully designed to allow our trash baskets to seat in such a way that particulate cannot bypass the basket like in many other trench drain manufacturer's systems.  With years of experience we have also found that a trash basket should never sit on the bottom of the basin.  The trash basket will plug easily if this is allowed and it will stop flow to the outlet pipe backing water up into the channel drain.  


commecial trench drain trash basket
SS floor sink with trash basket

Trash baskets can catch all types of debris.  For outdoor use this might be leaves and grass clippings (1/4" perforations recommended for this application).  For indoor and industrial uses the particulate can vary from food products, packaging supplies, pallet chunks, plastic pellets, etc.  The list is so expansive that you cant list them all.  This is why we cannot recommend any one trash basket.  It really depends on what needs to be captured.  We have built trash baskets with holes from 1" diameter down to 50 microns.  The Dura Trench trash basket design allows us to use any required mesh to build your trash basket so we really just need to know the application and particulate size of what needs to be captured.  Let our team construct the right solution for your application.

Sediment buckets

Sediment buckets are just like they sound.  They are a solid bucket that go into our catch basins below the outlet pipe.  They are placed there to capture heavy particulate that settle to the bottom.  They catch fines that are heavy such as dirt, rock, metals, etc.  Floating particulate passes on down the system.  Note the distinction between a trash basket and a sediment bucket.  The terms are often used interchangeably but they perform two very different functions.  When you want to catch solids that settle to the bottom choose on of our sediment buckets for your next trench drain system.


Dura Trench has helped several clients with filtration of fluids.  We can construct simple or elaborate filtration systems for things like oil, chemicals, or fine particulates.  We typically do this by using filtration media in a catch basin.  In some cases we combine this with special catch basin configurations with weir plates and special flow paths to ensure complete capture.  Feel free to contact Eric'sons Dura Trench with any of your specialized needs.  Our engineers have a long history of solving any channel drain problem.

trench drain sediment bucket
Trench drain filtration basket with 50 mesh trash basket


The flexibility of the Dura Trench system allows us to factory install fixed or slide in/out screens in any of our trench drain systems.  The most common application for this is a commercial laundry trench.  Lots of lint, strings, and fabric go down the drain.  This material can clog a basket very quickly so customers often use a series of different mesh screens to filter the water in the trench drain.  This example can also be used for other applications such as in industry.  If your trench drain needs a progressive filter system to reduce clogging but still screen debris consider a screen system.

custom channel drain outlet screen

Sleuth gates

Dura Trench has manufactured a variety of sleuth gates allowing customers to contain spills.  This might be in a bulk processing area where grains or soils may get spilled in a trench drain, or it may be an industrial process area where a spill could take place.  Either way, a sleuth gate is a sliding plate that can be inserted into the trench drain to stop up the flow line and contain unwanted particulate in the trench drain.  We typically build sleuth gates from stainless steel or UHMW plastics, but it could be virtually any material that is rigid enough to hold back the particulate.  If your client has environmental concerns with large volumes of solids a sleuth gate may be a better approach to blocking off the trench drain until the clean up can commence.