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  5.  5-inch wide slotted ADA stainless steel drain grate | Heavy Duty

 5-inch wide slotted ADA stainless steel drain grate | Heavy Duty

 5-inch wide slotted ADA stainless steel drain grate

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Category: 5" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
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5-inch wide slotted ADA stainless steel drain grate -longitudinally slotted for ADA compliance & heel proof | T304 stainless steel ADA compliant and heel proof grate – 5″ wide x 24″ long x 0.75″ thick  – rated for DIN load class C.

Slot drains are one of the most commonly-used drainage solutions around and for good reason. These kinds of drain covers are perfect for places that experience a lot of foot traffic and they are common on walkways or paths that have to handle a lot of drainage. These slotted drain covers will not catch heeled shoes or canes or items like wheelchair tires and create an impediment to people walking over them.

Our slotted drain covers are made of hardy and durable stainless steel and they are equal to any challenge that you can throw at them. There is no shortage of great things to say about this style of slot drain and you will be glad that you covered your drains with this safe and effective grate that will not lead to slips and falls or tripping hazards.

Many locations need this kind of drainage solution, such as parking garages, areas near pools and fountains, walkways near parking lots, or even bodies of water and spaces that are flat and tend to deal with high volumes of runoff like large open-air shopping locations. This is a great solution for the appearance of the drainage solution as well. These are sleek and dependable drain grates that look really nice and polished once they are installed. Having quality solutions for your drainage needs should also mean drainage solutions that look great.

When used in industrial settings, these slot drain grates can hold up to tough challenges like chemical run off and heavy traffic from machines like forklifts. These covers might be used in breweries or food processing locations because they can tolerate exposure to chemicals and lots of debris without clogging or breaking down. They can also tolerate heavy foot traffic or heavy vehicle traffic with ease.

No drainage solution in a business is complete without a grate that is tough and strong enough to handle jobs like these. You will want to be sure that your drain grates can take a beating and then be cleaned up and ready to go again when you need them most! Our slotted drain covers will not fall apart with use and you can easily remove them to clean them or access the drain below.

Quality design is critical to drainage solution success and you will find that there are no better drains on the market than ours. Our drainage grates of all kinds are well-crafted to fit our drainage trenches perfectly and you will find that our ADA slot grates are no different. Our grate solutions will fit seamlessly into any of the drains that we install and you will be able to slip them free of the drain to clean up and then place them where they belong again with ease.

In industrial settings, these grates can be removed daily or as needed to attend to clean up and sanitizing and in walkways and near pools and sources of water, they can be trusted to be easy to pick up and easy to replace when you are done with maintenance activities.

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