5" wide ADA / Heel proof longitudinally slotted plastic trench drain grate

SKU: 05C24TP

plastic ADA compliant and heel proof grate (gray standard, other colors available) - 5" wide x 24" long x 0.75" thick  - rated for DIN load class A.


This 5" wide trench drain grate is ADA compliant and Heel proof. It is typically used on a 4" wide prefabricated trench drain or 4" wide catch basin.  The plastic material is often selected where corrosion might be a problem but cost is a big concern.  The small openings and smooth surface will not cut bare feet and the high traction surface makes it a good choice for constantly wet areas.  Typical uses are trench drains around spa and swimming pool areas, running tracks, sidewalks, patios, landscape areas, kennels, etc.