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48″ x 48″ precast catch basin

Category: Catch Basins

48″ wide x 48″ long precast catch basin. Typically 48″ deep. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths). Frame options are heavy duty black powder painted steel, heavy duty galvanized steel, heavy duty stainless steel, and extreme duty galvanized steel. Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, and trench connection collars where applicable. Accepts any of the 50″ wide trench drain grates.

These catch basins are made to handle large volumes of water either in sidewalk and street applications or in businesses like breweries or food manufacturing. These basins are created from durable steel or even galvanized products that are made to handle even the toughest and most acidic runoff. This size basin will accept 50” wide drain grates and can be integrated into most drainage system designs with ease.

If you need a custom-built catch basin, you can have any size of basin made to suit your drainage system’s demands. Configuring the basin to accept all of the fittings and piping styles that are on the market is easy and there will never be any issues with backed-up drains or leaking and cracking when you use the right high-quality catch basin for your drainage system needs.

How Does a Catch Basin Work?

A catch basin is made with a grate on top that allows water to flow into it. The basin is connected to the rest of the drainage system with a pipe that will allow the water that is in the basin to run out and into the rest of the drainage system. As water and solids flow into the batch basin, the solids settle to the bottom so they can be collected and thrown away. These kinds of basins are perfect for use in breweries and other kinds of businesses that create a large volume of water waste that includes solids.

How is Catch Basin Different Than a Storm Drain?

Catch basins are holes in the ground that catch the rainfall or runoff that is created on a street or in a manufacturing building of some kind. These basins are made to collect the solids that are in the water so that they can be disposed of properly. Storm drains are along the side of the road and collect large volumes of water but do not sift out any solid materials. Storm drains are meant only to handle the volume of water and not to separate out solids from the liquid that is captured within them.

How Often Should You Clean Catch Basins?

Catch basins need to be cleaned once a year at a minimum to be sure that they are not overflowing with sediment and solids. For most businesses that use these catch basins, the process of cleaning them has to be done almost daily to make sure that solid wastes do not impede the drainage of the rest of the trench drain solutions in the building.

These drains are usually cleaned by scraping out the solids that have collected in the basin and disposing of them. Some large drains will require the use of a specified pump to help clean them thoroughly each time the drain needs to be emptied and flushed out. The drain covers are rinsed and cleaned and then the catch basin might be rinsed off. The basin covers will need to be put back on and the basin will be ready to use again.

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