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38″ wide galvanized solid trench drain cover

Category: 38" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates


Galvanized solid cover plate – specify smooth or checkered – 38″ wide x 24″ long x 1.5″ thick – rated for DIN load class B.


This is the galvanized version of our most common 38″ wide solid cover.  It is typically used on 36” wide utility trench.  These covers typically come with an embossed diamond tread surface to provide slip resistance.  They are easy to fabricate for special needs such as pipe penetrations and access doors.  The hot dipped galvanized finish provides a longer service life than it’s painted cousin.  Typical uses are utility trenches in airports, water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and any other area where utility trenches may be required.

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