3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Black-Coated Steel Trench Drain Grate – Longitudinally Slotted


3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Black-Coated Steel Trench Drain Grate – Longitudinally Slotted

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3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Black Steel Trench Grate- longitudinally slotted, 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.

  • ADA compliant and “heel proof”
  • Typically used on a 2” wide prefabricated trench drain
  • Typical uses are trench drains in combined traffic and pedestrian areas, such as at shopping centers, churches, gas stations, and any other area where trench drains are required, but pedestrians and traffic may be present
  • Powder-coated to inhibit premature corrosion
  • Other colors available – find your sales representative to learn more
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Having the right trench grates in place can make all the difference in the performance of your trench drains. You want to be sure that any grate that you place over your drains will not impede traffic flow of any kind, whether it’s foot traffic or in some locations, vehicle traffic. Having a sturdy drain solution like a black steel grate can make all the difference in the performance of your walkway and the drainage solution that is beneath it.

Black steel grates are a common choice for locations that get lots of heavy foot traffic or for areas in manufacturing plants that experience exposure to chemical runoff that can damage other materials. These are a common grate choice for breweries and for food processing plants of all kinds because they are durable and safe. No one will catch a heel in this kind of grate and have a fall and they can be trusted to allow wheeled traffic like carts as well as wheelchair tires to pass over them without issue.

Being able to trust that your work environment is safe and that it will not cause issues with ADA compliance is really important for almost any business. This is particularly true if the area that is in question already needs the drain solution to remain safe related to water runoff or debris. You want to be sure that no one who enters this space or who steps foot on your property will be hurt due to an issue with the floor not being level or standing water causing a slipping hazard.

Locations that are always exposed to water, such as pools or fountains in public spaces will need this kind of drainage solution in many cases as well. These are sleek trench grates and they lie flush with the floor when they are installed in our 2” wide prefabricated drains. This means that you will get a very nice finished look from them despite their sturdy materials and you can trust them to be easily removed to get to the drain beneath. You can then replace them with ease and they will drop right back into place.

Quality construction matters with this kind of drainage solution because poorly made drain covers will not fit correctly and will be just as big a hazard as the exposed drain would be. You need to be able to trust your drainage solutions to fit the way they are intended and to perform correctly based on your expectations. This is the benefit of using our trench grates instead of cheaper and poorly-made options. You will get a snug and superior fit from our products that will cover your drains perfectly and take care of your ADA considerations.

These drain covers are made to hold up to even the toughest of challenges and look great for years of use. These are really high-quality drain covers that can stand up to tough challenges and prevent safety hazards in your place of business on a daily basis.


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Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × .5 in
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