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24″ x 24″ precast catch basin

Category: Catch Basins

24″ wide x 24″ long precast catch basin.  Typically 24″ deep. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths). Frame options are heavy duty black powder painted steel, heavy duty galvanized steel, heavy duty stainless steel, and extreme duty galvanized steel.  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, and trench connection collars where applicable.  Accepts any of the 26″ wide trench drain grates.

This quality catch basin can be added to almost any drainage solution. You will find that the various finishes and materials make this the perfect choice, even if you are creating drainage solutions at a brewery or another location that requires sturdy drains.

Catch basins are made to order and can be built to any specification that is required. Your catch basin can also be made in a variety of prefabricated sizes. You will get watertight performance from this product and it can be placed in various locations with ease.

When you order this product, you will get the necessary installation brackets, plywood covers, and also the trench connection collars that you need for your unique drainage system. These basins are made to accept all of the 26” wide trench drain gates that are sold alongside most drainage systems.

When working with us for this kind of product, a representative will call you after you have placed the order to be sure that the details of your order are correct and that the item will be configured correctly for your needs. No matter which size of catch basin that you select you will get superior water management and quality grid configuration and design. Making sure that you get the proper size catch basin is important for ideal results.

These items are commonly used for the collection of rainwater and storm runoff, but you might also need to use them for industrial settings and food preparation buildings. These are common items to add to drainage solutions in businesses like breweries, where caustic or acidic runoff cannot be allowed to enter the general drainage or local waterways.

Being able to trap heavy sludge and other debris is another benefit of this kind of drainage solution and businesses that do food preparation processes often need to implement these kinds of solutions to make sure that their drainage does not get clogged and that the water in their local area is no contaminated by byproduct that is leftover from their work processes.

Many businesses struggle with daily cleanup if these kinds of basins are not installed in their drainage system and you can save yourself a lot of time and struggle cleaning and caring for your drainage needs by having catch basins that are properly placed along the course of your drainage system. Being able to collect and trap debris and other contaminants that have been rinsed off of work area floors is a big benefit to having the right drainage system in place for your business needs.

When combined with effective drain covers and the correctly designed drainage system, you will not have any trouble keeping debris and other contaminants from clogging your drains and you will be able to collect all of the standing water that might collect at your home or business location. This is an important drainage solution that many people are not utilizing correctly in conjunction with their overall drainage system solution.

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