16-ft Residential Driveway Drain Kit



This complete 16-ft Residential Driveway Drain kit for a 16′ wide driveway or smaller (can be trimmed to fit your driveway).  This is a 4-inch wide trench drain (internal width).  The driveway drain kit includes a heavy-duty black powder-coated metal frame, pre-sloped 4″ wide trench drain constructed from GFRPC Polymer channel drain body, heavy-duty 5-inch wide trench drain grate made of cast iron, driveway drain grate locking hardware, user-friendly metal driveway drain installation aides, end plate, and outlet connection.

Note that these driveway drain kits are not the light duty plastic drains that you get from the big box stores or other online stores.  This is a super strong commercial grade 16 ft driveway drain.  Our trench drain kits for your driveway are presloped.  This gives them a faster flow that is less likely to clog.  Our driveway drains can move 2 or 3 times more water than traditional non-sloping driveway drains.  When you get order this driveway drain kit you will feel the difference.  The trench drian body is constructed of a heavy fiber reinforced polymer that won’t warp or bow in the heat.

The top edge of the driveway drain is protected with a heavy duty steel frame.  This same style of driveway drain is used in industrial settings with forklift traffic.  You won’t damage this trench drain.  The driveway drain grates that we offer are also rated for high speed vehicular traffic.  The same grate styles are purchased by state DOT’s for roadway use.

Dura Trench has a complete driveway drain kit.  It comes with all the components you need and is easy for the novice to install.  These drains come with installation devices to easily level the drains.  We have complete instructions that are easy to follow.  The outlet plates attach easily.  The trench comes with plywood in the top so that you do not get the grates covered in concrete during placement.  Just so many features that makes these driveway drains better.  There is a lot of value in this kit that you can only experience.

If you want a serious quality 16 ft driveway drain this is the answer.  Dura Trench is known for providing high quality, durable driveway drains.  We don’t skimp on quality, it just isn’t who we are.  Buy our driveway drain if you want to only do this project one time in your life.  If you enjoy cutting concrete, jack hammering, manual labor, pouring concrete, and spending money fixing things buy the other guy’s driveway drain.  We don’t have those cheap systems but we do offer the best commercial duty driveway drain in the business.

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Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 108 × 24 × 24 in
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Complete Driveway Drain Kit, Complete Driveway Drain Kit with ADA Compliant Grates, Complete Driveway Drain Kit with ADA Compliant Grates with Universal Bottom / Side Outlet, Complete Driveway Drain Kit with ADA Compliant Ornamental Grates, Complete Driveway Drain Kit with ADA Compliant Ornamental Grates with Universal Bottom / Side Outlet, Complete Driveway Drain Kit with Universal Bottom / Side Outlet