10" wide FRP slotted trench drain grate

SKU: 10B24FG

Cast Fiberglass slotted grate - gray color  - 10" wide x 24" long x 1.5" thick - DIN load class D


This is becoming a popular 10" wide grate.  This cast fiber reinforced plastic grate is primarily used as a replacement for expensive stainless steel trench drain grates.  It is typically used on an 8" wide trench drain, 8" wide stainless steel trench drain, or 8" wide catch basin.  The larger openings plug less often making this grate ideal for the intake of large amounts of water.  Typical uses are trench drains in food and beverage facilities, water and waste water facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and any other area where corrosion resistance and a high intake volume is required.  This grate has also become popular for use in truck docks because it is nonmetalic and is less likely to be stolen.

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