Trench Drains in St. Louis, MO

Trench Drains in St. Louis, MO

Finding a company that you can trust to take care of your drainage system needs can be tough. Not every company takes its work seriously. You will need a company that constantly works to improve their product and who will promise to provide you with the best service and the best products for your needs.

We are passionate about caring for our customer’s needs and we make sure to evaluate your drainage situation and provide you with the best solution for your project. Our team is here for you, ensuring that your drainage project is completed with efficiency and that it is done right!

What Makes Dura Trench the Best Drainage Choice for Our St. Louis Clients?

Dura Trench uses advanced technology that is on the cutting edge of the drainage industry. We promise to use quality products every time and we back them up with the experience and know-how to take care of any job.

Other companies use techniques that are outdated and prone to issues later in the life of your drainage system, but we at Dura Trench would never settle for an outdated solution to a problem. We use proprietary durable polymer concrete in every job which is stable and stands the test of time.

Not many other companies can promise that you will have no issues with UV degradation, breakage, or bending and warping. The climate of the St. Louis area can be extreme in winter and summer, so you want to make sure to install the right products that can hold up to these requirements.

Drain Sizing and Why it Matters

The standard size of our premade concrete trenches is 8 feet. This means that there will be fewer joints than would be needed when using other products and this prevents issues during installation. In addition, the sections all have a 2-inch overlap which ensures that they are watertight and properly sealed for the entire length of the trench.

These segments are lightweight and much longer than average, which means your install will be done more quickly and will require fewer workers than other methods. This saves on the cost of your installation and also saves a lot of time.

Dura Trench is the only company that can offer you this benefit during the installation process.

Dura Trench Slot Drains Available in St. Louis

We offer trench and slot drains that are available in standard sizes of 2,4,6,8,10 and 12-inches. You can also opt for the oversize choices which are 18,24,36 and 48-inches. This means that any slope, any grade, and any need can be met with our products.

Slot drains that are offered through Dura Trench, come in a large range of sizes so that excavation is minimal when installing this drain at the base of a hill or slope. Dura Trench leaves nothing to chance at any step of the installation process.

Dura Trench Steel Drains

If your project needs heavy-duty supplies, we offer stainless steel options for your needs. Our stainless-steel trench drains are superior in quality and will stand the test of time.

Stainless-steel supplies are also sent in sections, which means that all of the benefits of Dura Trench’s unique design are available even in stainless steel products and designs.

Dura Trench Radius Drains

Radius drains are not needed as often as other types of drains, but Dura Trench can still help you out if you need one! We can make them any width, depth, and scope to make sure that your radius drain works perfectly and installs easily.

Round edges are often an issue for this type of drain, but we ensure that this is not a problem and proper fit is ensured in every radius drain we make. If you have questions about this type of drain, we will work with you to help you find the right solution for your radius drain needs.

Utility Trenches Through Dura Trench

Drainage systems through Dura Trench can be made in various sizes and many models for your specific needs. Pools, patios, parks, and roads all need different kinds of trenching.

Dura Trench is suitable for all of these uses and these trenching supplies can be made to fit any requirements that need to be in place for each job.

Quality Drain Design is Our Standard for St. Louis

We always promise a product with outstanding performance and has no long-term maintenance needs. Innovation is important to this guarantee and we work hard to make sure that quality is our standard for each and every job.

Failures and complications are learning opportunities that can lead to improvements to our existing designs and we don’t miss out on a single chance to grow and learn. We believe in our products and our technologies and we stand by their excellence. We are able to do this because we are always looking for chances to improve what we can offer to our customers.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Dura Trench products are used all over the US and for good reason! In St. Louis, there are weather extremes that your drainage system has to withstand. Due to this requirement, we are the best choice for this kind of climate.

All Dura Trench products can withstand heat, snow, and cold and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. In the St. Louis area, we stand by our promise for reliability and quality and we are always available to assist you in planning your drainage system needs.

Dura Trench Has Drainage Representatives to Serve You in the St. Louis Area

To make sure that our customers have access to the very best customer service, Dura Trench is always available to assist you with your drainage system needs.

We will make the process easy and efficient for you! You do not have to drive to us for a visit, we will come to you!

Dura Trench is the right fit for all of your drainage needs, no matter how complicated they may be. Dura Trench promises a superior product and a smooth installation process for each and every job!