Trench Drains in San Antonio, Texas

Trench Drains in San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to trench drains, it is important to find a company that has expertise in the field and quality customer service. You want the best product to be put to use provided by a brand that is trustworthy and reputable.

For industrial and commercial projects, Dura Trench can meet all of your expectations. We have representatives in all 50 states and we are always ready to evaluate the needs of your company and best assist you. Our team members will even come to your project site, ensuring the process is as convenient as possible.

What Makes Dura Trench The Best System For Your San Antonio Trench Needs?

Dura Trench uses up-to-date technology and quality products to guarantee satisfaction for every customer they work with. Using proprietary durable fiber reinforced polymer concrete, we have a more durable product compared to competing brands.

Our competitors have used the same techniques from over 40 years ago, we decided it was time for a change, that’s why we now use six times the amount of resin in our trench products.

When considering buying Dura Trench, you as a customer should know that you are getting the best deal because quality and performance are promised. There are several advantages to purchasing Dura Trench because of the new technology we have implemented into our products.

This new advance in technology is committed to a stronger polymer concrete that will not break, bend in extreme temperatures or become susceptible to UV damage over time, which is an important detail considering San Antonio’s climate. This means less maintenance and fewer worries for the buyer, all thanks to the trusted and reliable system provided by Dura Trench.

Importance Of Drain Size:

Our premade concrete drain trenches come in a starting section of 8 feet, meaning that your project will require fewer joints resulting in fewer issues throughout the installation process. Each premade section comes with a 2-inch overlap, making it easier to keep the joints sealed and watertight.

Dura Trench products are made in a longer shape, to create a stable yet simple to install piece, making for a quicker installation. Time is valuable, so getting your drain trench installed in a timely manner, that is cost-effective to you, is our goal as a team.

The new lightweight design of our products makes for an easy two-person install with all of your team members abiding by the OSHA guidelines and regulations. This can only be done with Dura Trench products.

The technology and advancements of our products are strong but the simplicity remains, making our brand a reputable name to work with for your company’s future trench drain necessities.

Dura Trench Drains Drains and Slot Drains For The San Antonio Region

Our drains are available in all standard sizes, including 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch drains. We also have larger sizes available too, including 18, 24, 36, and 42-inch sizing. The process we use to make our trench drains allows any size slope to be made for your project and they can fit with any size or outlet pipe required.

There are also slot drains or slotted pipes that can be made to have any size slope that you need as well. This design is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches while a larger size is available in 15, 18, 21, 24, and 36 inches.

Once you have seen the quality of Dura Trench drains, you will witness why it is unique compared to any other products like ours on the market.

Dura Trench Stainless Steel Drains

Whether you are looking for a trench drain or a slot drain, Dura Trench offers a stainless steel option, with superior style and design.

These drains are made with 304 to 3216 stainless steel and guaranteed to have strong chemical resistance. Dura Trench can send these steel pieces to you in multiple sections, making for an easier install with no welding or joints necessary. This is due to the advanced technology and design of our products.

Dura Trench Utility Trenches To Use In San Antonio

If you are in need of a trench that needs pipes or cables to be a part of it, then this model is exactly what you are looking for. Dura Trench uses a new technique, creating a fully integrated channel within the trench, which is something you cannot find anywhere else.

This advanced blueprint for a utility trench is the perfect fit for any project on your hands.

Bringing Quality Assurance To San Antonio With Dura Trench Research

At Dura Trench we stand by our product, promising that it works better than any other drainage system you may come across. The materials we use and the innovative designs set us apart, making Dura Trench reliable to assist you in all your drainage needs.

We have been studying commercial and industrial trench failures over the years, adapting and developing a system that overcame these failures and has proven to be a successful product, satisfying customers whenever they choose to work with us.

Dura Trench believes in making the best products available to you and they are always willing to research new technology and make improvements accordingly.

San Antonio Results Prove That Quality Is A Top Priority

Our products have been used all over the country, in industrial and commercial settings, so it is fair to say we have come into contact with all kinds of weather.

In San Antonio, there are higher temperatures, bright sunny days, and a large amount of rain and humidity. Dura Trench is proven to hold up in extreme heat, never warp or break and withstand any weather that may head into San Antonio, making our drainage systems the right fit for your region.

We offer the best products with quality and reliability in mind. We have representatives that are available to come directly to you and help plan the project that you need to be completed.

Dura Trench Will Come To You In The San Antonio Area

For convenience and ease, Dura Trench is available to come to your area and evaluate your drainage system needs.

You never have to worry about traveling to us because we are always available to come to you. We have many local representatives all over the country who are available to share their knowledge and expertise regarding the system you need and the different solutions we suggest.

Dura Trench is fitting for any of your trench needs. We offer a variety of sizes and designs to choose from and we offer the highest quality materials in production.

When you think of Dura Trench, think about high end products with top notch customer service, making each install a simple, informative and satisfactory experience. Find a representative that is close to you by looking at our Dura Trench Find Sales Rep page located on our website. You can schedule an appointment and we will happily oversee the projects you need taken care of.

Our Dura Trench representatives and team members look forward to working with you in the future and helping you in any way. We always appreciate customer feedback and enjoy learning new ways we can become better at what we do. We are here to serve you.