Trench Drains in New York, NY

Trench Drains in New York, NY

You can find a wide variety of prefabricated trench drains and utility trenches at DuraTrench. DuraTrench ships nationwide, and our drains are adaptable to your unique needs. Our drains are of the highest quality material and will provide you with the longevity you are looking for.

We have a representative in every state that is ready and willing to help you find the right drain. Whether you need a slip-resistant drain for a pool or an industrial-strength drain for your truck dock, we can steer you in the right direction.

Types of Drains We Offer:

Slot Drains- A slot drain is ideal for a long stretch of road or driveway. They do not have grates, so there is no worry they will come loose and potentially cause damage to a vehicle. A slot drain has a small inlet at the top that opens to a pipe underground. These pipes come in varying diameters to accommodate a wide variety of flow levels.

Slot drains work best on a slope to increase flow velocity and decrease debris build-up. They can be placed on level ground, but they will require a more rigorous maintenance schedule.

Trench Drain- Trench drains are the most common drains we sell and come in a variety of materials. A stainless steel frame and grate is perfect for the food industry, and cast iron works best in an industrial setting.

Our prefabricated trench drains range from 2-48 inches and can be as shallow as 2” to accommodate any circumstance. With so much versatility, DuraTrench is the first choice of many around the nation.

The reimagined polymer used to make the drain is not temperature sensitive like many other plastic materials. This feature allows you to use the drains in the hot summer and cold winters without fear of cracks or damage to the pipes.

Utility Trench- Our utility trenches are an excellent addition to any project or new construction. From 10-48 inches, they offer a wide variety of protection for cables, electric wires, or access to underground utility boxes. With chemical resistance, utility trenches create a safe environment for transporting fuels or chemicals to another location without fear.

Utility trenches offer flexibility in installation and can make future projects easier as the trench is already in place and easily accessible.

Radius Trench Drains- Radius trench drains are not referring to the diameter or size of the pipe but the curve needed to adapt the drain to a location. Curved swimming pools or the track at an athletic field require a curve to not distract from the original design.

The polymer drain is shipped with the curves already made to the specifications to complete the installation process seamlessly.

Stainless Steel Food Grade Trench- As mentioned before, a stainless steel trench is perfect for the food industry as it prevents mold and bacteria from adhering to the sides. The stainless steel grate and frame can easily handle the chemicals used for cleaning in the food industry and will not break down over time.

Our stainless steel trench drains can be shipped in pieces as long as 40’ to minimize joints and the need for welding during installation. We offer stainless floor drains and cleanouts to complete the drainage system in addition to the trench drains.

What You Need to Know:

DuraTrench drains are made from a new type of polymer concrete that has the favorable properties of both materials. It is not subject to the wear of UV light and will not bow in heat or temperature changes like many plastics. It is reinforced and does not break or crack like a typical polymer concrete and is the superior material to form drains.

Our drains are a blend of fibers, resins, and aggregates to create a sturdy and reinforced material that will outlast any traditional polymer drain.

Equipped with a 2” overlap to form a watertight seal, you won’t have to worry about water damage around the installation of your drain. They can be installed in T junctions, L junctions, or curves with the radius trench. Not only do they come in a variety of widths, but the depth can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Each product comes with easy to identify labels for directional flow and a part number to help the installation process. Installation brackets are preinstalled and adapt to different types of rebar to make installation simple with the right equipment. On our website, there are guides to installing every kind of drain we offer.

Uses For Trench Drains:

If you haven’t already noticed, trench drains can be adapted to almost any project and location. New York City has many of these drains throughout the city and in industrial sites for drainage.

Whether used for rain, snow, or other runoff, trench drains are essential to keep pedestrians and employees safe by keeping the area free of puddles. Though you may not have realized it, DuraTrench drains are used around the country for water parks, public spaces, industrial buildings, and even airport runways.

While trench drains are often only thought of in commercial uses, they can add the proper drainage to a garden pathway or driveway that always puddles after a rainstorm. The prefabricated pieces make installation simple and easy to accomplish.

Where We Manufacture:

DuraTrench drains are manufactured in the US at factories that are open up to 18 hours per day to keep up with the demand of the customers. The factories are located in Dallas, GA, Chester, VA, and Ogden, UT.

Made with commercial and industrial strength in mind, your drain will last for years to come, with few repairs needed.

Find Your Representative in New York, NY:

You can find us in each of the 50 states. Go on our website to locate your representative and get started finding your trench drain solution. Whether you need a drain for a shopping mall that has a heel-proof grate or a cast iron drain for your truck dock, DuraTrench has the right product for you.

Once you find your perfect drain, we know you will come to us for all of your trench drain needs.