Trench Drains in Nashville, TN

If you’re in need of custom fit, easy to install, top-of-the-line drains and trenches, then our manufacturers and producers are the right fit for you.

It’s important to find a company that has technical expertise as well as top-notch customer service.

If your product is related to the food industry or needs to meet the needs and standards of a commercial facility, look no further. DuraTrench has the right products for your unique project’s needs.

Why Choose DuraTrench for All of Your Nashville Area Drain and Trench Needs?

DuraTrench utilizes the most innovative technology in the industry. Our products are commercial grade and utilize propriety durable fiber reinforced polymer concrete, meaning they’ll withstand UV degradation, cracking and breakage, and even damage related to traffic and weather.

To put this into perspective, our competitors and average manufacturers only use 5-10% resin in their products. At DuraTrench, we use 6x the amount as our competitors for incredible durability and performance.

These materials combined with our modernized, cutting-edge techniques put us at the forefront of our field. Of course, we’re proud to tout these statements, but the satisfaction of our customers is the biggest payoff.

Additionally, quality commercial grade Dura Trench drain products are available nationwide with rapid delivery from our extensive inventory. With 20 storefront locations and a sales representative in all 50 states across the US, we’re more than ready to serve you no matter where you’re located.

Our trench drain and slotted drain products are manufactured with modern CNC and robotic technology, making our products highly customizable to perfectly meet your project requirements. We can manufacture our channel drains to the width, depth, slope, profile, material, pattern, and finish you require. Whatever your needs are, name them, and we’ll deliver.

Not only are our products custom fit to your needs, they’re made for quick and easy installation as well, which means we prioritize your convenience every step of the way.

Whether you need stainless steel drains, utility trenches, trench grates, or even basins or and sumps, we can get you the supplies you need.

The best part is that our highly knowledgeable sales reps will come right to your project site to help you find the best solution.

Our staple products include the production and manufacturing of trenches and slot drains.

For a full listing of our services, visit our products page.

Trench Drains

The most common type of drain that we sell is the primary trench drain.

They come in a range of 2-48 inches wide and can be as shallow as 2” to accommodate any project. These drains are built-in straight sections with a customized slope to assist water flow.

Our redesigned polymer is not subject to temperature changes like most concrete polymer drains. The new blend keeps its shape in cold winters and hot summers without the fear of cracks or damage.

Slot Drains

Slot drains offer a slim design without a grate that flows to a pipe underground. Slot drains will often need a cleanout grate to assist with the removal of debris.

These drains work best on a slope but can be used on level ground with a consistent maintenance schedule.

Without the grate, cars and trucks can drive over these drains without the potential of the grate lifting and causing damage.

Slot drains from DuraTrench offer a wide variety of frame choices to meet any load requirement for your installation.

Stainless Steel Drains

We provide stainless steel trench drains for use in the food industry.

The stainless steel has a smooth surface and smooth edges to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Made out of high-grade stainless steel, these drains can handle any basic chemicals used in kitchens and food production.

To minimize the need for welding in the field, our stainless steel trench drains can be shipped in 40’ pieces.

To complete the drainage system, we offer other products, such as stainless steel floor drains and cleanouts.

Radius Trench Drains

Not referencing the diameter of the pipe, radius drains are used in curved designs to match the curve of the landscape. Our polymer radius drains are pre-molded and shipped with the proper curves to ensure the perfect fit.

Radius drains are commonly used around water fountains, curved roads, or gardens to create a functional drain that does not distract from the architecture of the area.

Utility Trenches

Open and ready for whatever you need them to be, our utility trenches offer a way for you to transport cables, pipes, fuel, or electricity to another part of the property safely and efficiently. These trenches offer secondary protection from chemicals or fuels and can provide easy access for repairs or plans.

With the trench already in place, you can change your mind later about what you want to run through it or use it as an access point to panels or underground junctions.

Meet the DuraTrench Team Serving Our Nashville Customers

Here at DuraTrench we’re not just another business, we want you to know that we care. Put a face to the name by meeting some of our key players and know we’re always happy to serve you with a smile. Our team is passionate about creating products to meet our client’s exact needs.

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While we can spout on and on about how great our products are, it doesn’t matter if they’re easy to install, top-of-the-line, or cutting-edge, if we don’t guarantee that our customers are happy at the end of the day. That’s why we want to ensure you know how dedicated we are to you and making your next project a successful one.