Trench Drains in Minneapolis, MN

Trench Drains in Minneapolis, MN

Do you need trench drains for your home, business, or another site in the Minneapolis area? Our experts at DuraTrench will craft you custom drains to provide you with the drainage solution you need. No matter your project specs, our drains can match! Be sure to browse our product selection to fit a wide variety of needs.

Quality Drain Systems in Minneapolis

Minneapolis experiences a large amount of snowfall and sleet during the winter months. Without proper drain systems, that snow has nowhere to go when it melts. You want to know you have high-quality drain systems to manage all the city’s precipitation each year.

All of our installations are custom, allowing us to tailor the drain system to the surrounding terrain. Our team of experts worked on several different types of drains in the past. So, you can be confident

DuraTrench will provide you with the best possible drainage system.
DuraTrench drains come in many different styles. There are trench, slot, food-safe, radius, and utility options. Plus, our drains are versatile and come with several applications to suit your needs.

Trench Drains

Many of our clients prefer trench drains since they can match any environment and transport water efficiently. We can make them in various widths, depths, and from different materials. Our team will adjust the trenches to match slopes, allowing water to flow through them freely.

We use polymer material instead of concrete. That way, the drain doesn’t react to temperature changes and will hold its shape in even the most extreme temperatures. So, you won’t need to worry about your new drain cracking during the cold winters.

Overall, this is the option that suits most projects. Contact DuraTrench today if you would like to learn more about them.

Slot Drains for Your Minneapolis Projects

DuraTrench offers the highest quality slot drains. Since every location is different, we customize the drains to your area. That way, you receive a drain that always functions at its best. We can offer slotted drains for your business, home, pool, or other property. Plus, we use load-bearing materials to make them.

Food-Safe Drains

Dura Trench provides food-safe drains for kitchens. That way, you won’t need to worry about bacteria growth occurring in your restaurant. These drains consist of stainless steel, which is a food-grade material.

It is also highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion. We install the drains without using many separate sections, so bacteria and mold have no place to grow. Overall, this is the best choice in a drainage system for any location that handles food.

Radius Trenches

A radius trench drain works best in a curved setting. For instance, you will find these options most often around water fountains, garden paths, or winding roads. All of our radius drains are pre-molded and include a custom fit.

The radius drains must fit the curvature of the area perfectly. Not only does this make them look more natural, but it also allows the system to collect water more efficiently. We take care to ensure the curve and slope of these drains are always correct.

Utility Trenches

Utility trenches offer a space for your electrical cables or pipes to travel to their destination safely. They are easy for professionals to access for repairs and add more protection from utility lines. Overall, our trenches keep your utilities safe. We can offer this service to any property you need them added to.

Custom Drains

When you visit our website, you will find everything you need to design your custom drains. If you are unsure of what drains you need, one of our DuraTrench experts will meet with you. They will survey the location and let you know what types of drainage systems will suit you.

We also offer several different colors, styles, patterns, and sizes for our trenches. So, if you have something in mind already, let us know! We would love to create your custom trench drains.

DuraTrench Drains Fit a Wide Range of Application in Minneapolis

We offer the most versatile drains in the Minneapolis area. Trench drains work in several different situations, and we can even change them as needed to fit your unique project. We’ve installed drains in airports, parks, highways, patios, gas stations, fountains, and other types of buildings.

Why Choose Dura Trench for Your Next Minneapolis Project

Our experts always use the most recent technology to create our projects. Some of our competitors use out-of-date practices that won’t hold up that well today. We recommend that you choose us if you want a drain system that lasts.

Our products will not break down in the sun since we use a special reinforced polymer concrete to create them. The material shouldn’t lighten in the sun and is not going to crack from temperature changes either. This feature is critical in areas that experience cold winters.

We Are the Experts

When it comes to making trenches and drains- we are the experts. Our team can provide you with some of the best drain systems in the local area due to our experience. We have built hundreds of drains over the years and are confident that we can make quality ones for you too.

DuraTrench Manufacturers

Our drain manufacturers provide the best materials to create custom drains in Minneapolis. After you place your order, one of our three manufacturing locations will design the drain parts, then ship them out. The process is efficient, fast, and produces high-quality systems.

The manufacturers work with commercial and industrial-grade components, allowing us to provide you with a unique solution to your location. These options are incredibly durable as well- so you can feel confident your DuraTrench order will last!

Minneapolis Dura Trench Representatives

Would you like to find a Dura Trench Representative close to you? We have several representatives in each state, ensuring that someone is available to help you. Our expert will consult with you on the drain project and determine what options are best.

If you need a new drainage system, be sure to contact us today. We would love to assist you with anything you need!