Trench Drains in Las Vegas, NV

Trench Drains in Las Vegas, NV

DuraTrench offers a variety of trench drains to suit every need. We ship prefabricated drains nationwide and can help you find the right drain for your project. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we have the right drain for your needs.

The pieces come with the installation brackets preinstalled to make the installation process painless and straightforward. Our drains can be adapted to the area around a swimming pool, an industrial dock, or even an airport runway. You can rest assured that once your drain is installed, you will have nothing to worry about.

Trench Drain Designs Available to Our Las Vegas Customers:

Radius Trench Drains

Not referencing the diameter of the pipe, radius drains are used in curved designs to match the curve of the landscape. Our polymer radius drains are pre-molded and shipped with the proper curves to ensure the perfect fit.

Radius drains are commonly used around water fountains, curved roads, or gardens to create a functional drain that does not distract from the architecture of the area.

Trench Drains

The most common type of drain that we sell is the primary trench drain. They come in a range of 2-48 inches wide and can be as shallow as 2” to accommodate any project. These drains are built-in straight sections with a customized slope to assist water flow.

Our redesigned polymer is not subject to temperature changes like most concrete polymer drains. The new blend keeps its shape in cold winters and hot summers without the fear of cracks or damage.

Slot Drains

Slot drains offer a slim design without a grate that flows to a pipe underground. Slot drains will often need a cleanout grate to assist with the removal of debris. These drains work best on a slope but can be used on level ground with a consistent maintenance schedule.

Without the grate, cars and trucks can drive over these drains without the potential of the grate lifting and causing damage. Slot drains from DuraTrench offer a wide variety of frame choices to meet any load requirement for your installation.

Food Grade Materials

We provide stainless steel trench drains for use in the food industry. The stainless steel has a smooth surface and smooth edges to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Made out of high-grade stainless steel, these drains can handle any basic chemicals used in kitchens and food production.

To minimize the need for welding in the field, our stainless steel trench drains can be shipped in 40’ pieces. To complete the drainage system, we offer other products, such as stainless steel floor drains and cleanouts.

Utility Trench

Open and ready for whatever you need them to be, our utility trenches offer a way for you to transport cables, pipes, fuel, or electricity to another part of the property safely and efficiently. These trenches offer secondary protection from chemicals or fuels and can provide easy access for repairs or plans.

With the trench already in place, you can change your mind later about what you want to run through it or use it as an access point to panels or underground junctions.

Additional Information for Your Las Vegas Project

Polymer drains from DuraTrench are a new blend of resins, fibers, and aggregates, making a solid material that extends the life of a traditional trench drain. The material is not susceptible to UV light and won’t bend in heat like most plastics. The blend of polymer and concrete combines the positive qualities of both materials and makes them stronger.

You won’t have to worry about water damage around your drain because DuraTrench drains create a watertight seal with a 2” overlap. The pieces are versatile enough to be utilized in L junctions or T junctions and curves with radius trench.

Every piece is labeled with the directional flow and a part number for easy installation. Brackets are attached at the factory and can be adapted to each project. With the right equipment, installation is a snap. Our website offers guides for installing your trench drain and can help you make the right decision.

Create Your Own:

On our website, you can find the directions to creating your trench drain out of concrete and what materials you will need. Creating your own trench drain out of concrete takes skill, and we have the materials to help you succeed. A frame and grate are still required for a hand-formed drain, and our representative is ready to assist you in any way they can.

Be sure to find the grate size and material in advance of pouring the drain, as it can cost more in the long run, to buy a custom grate to fit what you have already formed. Forming your own trench drain takes skill and time. If you are unsure of your skill, consult a contractor or check out one of our prefabricated drains to fit your needs.

Versatility for a Wide Range of Las Vegas Applications

Trench drains are incredibly versatile and can be altered to fit any project. Excess water from rain or runoff can be hazardous, and a trench drain can make your area safer. Once you learn what a trench drain can be, you will see them everywhere: in parks, outdoor shopping malls, water fountains, etc.

Not only are trench drains essential for industry, but residential communities also use them for community pools, driveways, and backyard gardens. The prefabricated pieces make installation simple for anyone.


Our manufacturers work tirelessly to create the best possible product for our customers. Once your drain is ordered, one of three sites will produce your custom drain and ship it straight to you. Manufacturing in Ogden, UT, Chester, VA, and Dallas, GA, you can be assured your drain is in good hands.

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our drains, and our factories are open up to 18 hours a day to serve our customers. Made with industrial and commercial-grade materials, you can be assured that our drains are built to last.

DuraTrench Representatives Serving the Las Vegas, Nevada Area

On our website, you can find the representative closest to you. We are in each of the 50 states and cannot wait to hear how we can help you with your project. Whether you are in the market for a small drain for your backyard garden or are the representative of a large industrial contract, we want to hear from you so we can come to your location and guide you in making your project a success.