Trench Drains in Detroit, MI

Trench Drains in Detroit, MI

DuraTrench offers a wide variety of prefabricated trench drains that are adaptable to any situation. Whether for an outdoor shopping mall, airport runway, or a residential driveway, you can find what you need. With top-tier quality in mind, you can rest assured that your trench drain will last for years to come with little or no repairs.

The prefab pieces are shipped in longer segments than other companies reducing the chance of cracks and damage to joints. This also makes installation easier as there are fewer pieces to juggle and fit together. The polymer pieces are carefully crafted at one of the manufacturing sites and shipped all over the country.

Detroit Michigan’s Top Trench Drains

Trench drains are among the most popular options and come in widths ranging from 2-48 inches. These drains are available with different frames to support light or heavy pedestrian traffic or heavy-duty for trucks or planes.

A trench drain is an excellent choice for a walkway or driveway and can be adapted for varying water flows. Even the grate is customizable to accommodate traffic flow. A shopping area may choose a heel-proof grate, while a truck dock chooses a heavy-duty cast iron grate. The versatility of the products makes Dura Trench the obvious answer for your trench drain needs.

You can also choose the ADA-compliant grates that are perfect for public places. The requirements involve the size of the grate so a crutch, cane, or wheel cannot get caught or pass through the grate. The ADA also limits the slope the drain can have and limits it to a 2% grade for the surrounding ground and the drain itself.

Radius Trench Drains for Your Detroit, Michigan Projects

Based upon the standard trench drain, a radius drain is designed for curved areas such as fountains or rounded pathways. The molded polymer is shipped to the customer already curved and ready for installation. By premolding the trench drain, you can be assured it will follow the design’s exact path.

Slot Drains

A slot drain is ideal for an inconspicuous way to add drainage to a driveway or roadway. These drains have a lower flow capacity, but as they stretch over long distances, they are able to handle more than you think. Slot drains do not have grates that can come loose and are an excellent solution for a clean look.

DuraTrench slot drains come in different heights and diameters to accommodate a wide variety of uses.

Utility Trench

Utility trenches are for more than simple electricity lines. They can be used to easily route fuel lines between buildings, or create the space in new construction for the addition of future utilities, depending on the need of the user. Coming in widths from 10-48 inches, there is a utility trench for every need.

These trenches are equipped with chemical resistance to prevent damage or corrosion and offer secondary protection from fuel lines or chemicals.

Food Grade Stainless Steel for Detroit, MI Businesses

Drains are common in the food industry as there must be a system that is easy to clean and does not create an environment for mold or bacteria to grow. Whether in a kitchen or beneath large tanks in a manufacturing plant, a food-grade trench drain must meet all of the requirements for food safety.

Stainless steel is used in food-grade drains to create a smooth surface that makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere. Using this material is also easy to clean and can handle most chemicals used in cleaning for food-grade materials.

Key Features of Prefabricated DuraTrench Drains

Straight from the manufacturer, DuraTrench drains come with a 2” overlap to form a watertight seal and prevent water damage surrounding your drain. The precast polymer trench can be made to go around curves with the radius drain or straight lines, both with long sections and fewer joints to reduce the potential for damage.

To fit every need, the trench can be made as shallow as 2” to allow for a lower impact to the installation site but still provide adequate drainage. Take a look at every customization option with metal frames of various materials and grates made to handle the rough everyday wear of a cargo dock.

Every piece comes labeled with the directional flow and a part number for easy identification to make the installation process a breeze.


The applications for these drains are endless, with the most popular being the prefabricated trench drain. These are versatile drains that can be adapted to any purpose and sustain the wear and tear of everyday life. DuraTrench drains can be found on airport runways, industrial sites, breweries and wineries, and animal housing.


DuraTrench drains are manufactured in one of three locations in the United States: Dallas, GA, Chester, VA, and Ogden, UT. These manufacturing sites are open up to 18 hours a day to bring their customers the highest quality trench drain for the best value possible.

The trench drains are made with commercial and industrial-grade materials to ensure longevity. Quality assurance is essential to the manufacturers, and they go out of their way to make the best product possible.

Ease of installation

In addition to coming in large sections, the precast pieces are equipped with brackets already attached to the trench to make installation as easy as possible. There are guides on the website that detail how to install a DuraTrench drain, but with the right equipment, it is relatively simple.

DuraTrench Representative in Detroit, MI

There is a DuraTrench representative in each of the 50 states, and they are there to help you get the right drain for your purpose. Whether you need a toe-proof drain for a pool at a water park or an industrial utility trench for your new construction, you can find the right solution with DuraTrench.

With the wide variety of materials, designs, and sizes, the right drain for you is only a phone call away. Reach out and find your representative on the find sales representative page and have them come to you.