Trench Drains in Boise, Idaho

Trench Drains in Boise, Idaho

If you’re looking for the best drainage solution for your business in Boise, Idaho – DuraTrench has everything that you could need! We build quality, durable trench drains, giving you the best drain solution and defense against water damage that’s available on the market.

With cold, snowy winters and sweltering hot summers, your Boise business needs a drain solution that can hold up through every season. Also, with heavy rainfall and precipitation, you need to locate the best drains to keep your business thriving year-round.

Why Choose DuraTrench for Your Boise Projects?

At DuraTrench we use some of the most advanced and innovative technology to develop our products, ensuring that they are of the highest quality available to our clients. While other companies utilize methods from years ago, we are continuously finding ways to improve our products and create a more functional design.

We use proprietary and durable fiber-reinforced polymer concrete in our trench drains which help maintain a durable product that will not weaken or break down over time. With our design, we can promise that there will never be any UV damage, bending, or warping – even during the hot, dry summers in Boise.

Why Does Drain Size Matter?

All of our concrete trenches are premade into 8-foot sections which minimize the number of joints needed for installation, making it a quicker process. Our trenches also include a 2-inch overlap, which provides a waterproof seal that is secure.

Due to the larger, stable sections of our trenches, they can be installed quicker than ever, with ease. Plus, with the lightweight design, a 2-person install is possible while abiding by OSHA regulations throughout the entire process. This can only be done with DuraTrench products, thanks to our advanced technology.

Our products are reliable, durable, and we always make sure they meet our standards. We only want the best products available to our clients. With our team’s expertise, DuraTrench is a brand you can trust to handle any of your business’s drainage system needs.

Trench Drains and Slot Drains in Boise:

These are the most common drain types that clients need, so we offer multiple sizes to ensure we can get the job done on any project site.

Our trench and slot drains are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch options, along with 18, 24, 36, and 48-inch options for larger projects. We are also able to modify any drain slope to fit the angle or size that is needed for the project site’s specs. This is what makes DuraTrench different from other companies. We give our client’s the option of customization, to give you the product you need with exact measurements to get the job done right.

Stainless Steel Drains:

If you are looking for a more sleek style, we offer stainless steel drains to our clients as well.

We use 304 to 3216 stainless steel, which is guaranteed to maintain a strong chemical resistance over time. We also assure you that even with round edges our drains are always able to properly seal during installation. For some companies, this may be hard to pull off, but for DuraTrench, it is no problem.

Utility Trenches in Boise:

If the project you’re working on requires cables or piping as a part of the installation, DuraTrench has a utility trench to meet this requirement.

We have developed an updated design that uses a fully integrated channel inside the trench to seal off the cable or pipes, preventing water damage or any problems from occurring. This is something that only DuraTrench offers.

No matter what job you need done – electrical, hydraulic, or chemical – DuraTrench has you covered with a drainage solution to fulfill your needs.

DuraTrench Promises Quality to Our Boise Customers

At DuraTrench, we offer high-quality products, made with a simple yet advanced design. With this, our products require little to no maintenance, saving you time and money. Due to the materials we use and our unique design, DuraTrench can provide you with a durable, long-lasting drainage system every single time.

We have taken time to research previous failures with commercial and industrial trenches, to get to the root of the problem whilst finding a valuable solution. We made necessary improvements, using our knowledge and expertise, to develop an entirely new design. We promise a quality product, using up-to-date technology to ensure what we provide our clients with is the best on the market.

We believe in making the best products available to our clients, which is why we have DuraTrench representatives available in all 50 states.

DuraTrench Results

DuraTrench products are being used all over the United States, demonstrating the value of our products in a variety of industries. With the ability to withstand extreme conditions, our products can be useful in any state regardless of the climate.

With cold winters that get lots of snowfall and warm summers that reach temperatures in the 90’s, our products can withstand the weather in Boise.

Our products are designed to be useful anywhere, in any climate. But, more importantly, they are proven to stand up to the test of time. Not only will these products last longer but they will require little to no maintenance after installed, making DuraTrench the perfect product for your project site.

Let DuraTrench Serve You in the Boise Area

With local representatives in all 50 states, DuraTrench is ready to serve you! We will be more than happy to connect you with a team member and evaluate your drainage system needs. For your convenience, we will visit you at your project site to see what kind of solution we can offer.

With our quality products, trusted design, and outstanding customer service, we always put our clients first. You are our top priority and we value your opinion. We want to provide you with unmatched service, innovative drainage solutions, and updated technology you will be proud to use on your project. This is something we stand by.

To find a local representative in Boise, check out our DuraTrench Find a Sales Rep page on our website and give us a call! We cannot wait to serve you in the Boise, Idaho area, to show off the many perks of our products.