Trench Drain Manufacturing in Dallas, GA

Trench Drain Manufacturing in Dallas, GA

The impressive catalog of trench drain systems from Dura Trench are all made within the United States before becoming available for purchase on the public market. There are multiple manufacturing locations for these products. One of those locations happens to be at our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Georgia.

Dura Trench’s collection of commercial trench drain products are produced at this location with heavy-duty construction quality to ensure long-lasting durability. These trench drain products are manufactured in many different sizes as well. Some of the latest technology is used to manufacture these heavy-duty linear drain products to optimize design quality.

Each individual drain product goes through an in-depth production and quality assurance process before it ever becomes available for purchase. This in-depth production process takes place at three primary locations, including Dallas, GA. Trench drains and slot drains are produced here with high-quality materials that are designed for commercial and industrial usage.

Drain System Manufacturing in Dallas, GA

All of the trench drain products that are manufactured are specifically designed for efficient commercial installation. This means fewer pieces and faster installation times than just about any other channel drain system on the market.

The drain sizes come in many different traditional customization options. Many of the heavy-duty precast trench drain systems that are manufactured at this location use reinforced polymer concrete.

The Eric’sons Dura Trench manufacturing location in Dallas, GA is a great central location for production in the Southeastern portion of the United States. It’s worth noting that all of Dura Trench drain systems are produced within the borders of the United States, many of which are specifically produced in Dallas, GA.

Local Paulding County residents have praised Dura Trench for manufacturing high-quality drain systems for multiple different applications. Located in the great state of Georgia, this extensive manufacturing facility is open for 18 hours every single day, consistently producing some of the highest-quality drain systems on the public market.

Eric’sons Dura Trench in Dallas starts early in the morning at 6AM and effectively manufactures various heavy-duty drain products all day long until eventually shutting down in the evening at around 12 PM.

Different Types of Drain Systems from Dura Trench

Dura Trench doesn’t just produce a single kind of trench drain system. You can expect to find trench drains, slot drains, stainless steel drains, and radius trench drains as a part of the collection of products that are manufactured and sold from Dura Trench.

Trench Drains

Are you looking for an in-depth collection of high-quality, commercial grade trench drain products? If so, then you might be pleased to hear that Dura Trench manufactures several different variations of heavy-duty trench drain systems that range in size.

Dura Trench currently manufactures trench drains that range from between 2-Inches and 48-Inches in width. Depending on what you are looking for, you can acquire custom features for your specific project requirements.

All of the trench drain products that are manufactured from Dura Trench are designed with the highest level of quality for heavy-duty commercial usage.

Slot Drains

High-quality slot drain systems are also offered from Dura Trench. The currently manufactured size variations for these slot drain systems vary from between 4-Inches and 36-Inches. You can acquire custom height throats for your slot drain system if needed.

Many users might appreciate the slot drain systems that are offered by Dura Trench because they are efficient, reliable, and heavy-duty.

Compared to other similar drain system manufacturers, there is no doubt that Dura Trench currently produces some of the best slot drains on the entire public market.

Stainless Steel Trench Drains

If you are specifically looking for stainless steel trench drains, then you will be glad to hear that Eric’sons Dura Trench manufactures professional-grade trench drain systems with high-quality stainless steel.

One nice design feature about the stainless steel trench drains that are produced by Eric’sons Dura Trench is that they are chemical resistant.

Radius Trench Drains and Utility Trench Drains

While many people might not specifically be looking for Radius and Utility Trench Drains, you will be pleased to hear that Eric’sons Dura Trench manufactures both of these variations at their production facilities.

Multi-Purpose Drain System Manufacturing

All of the reputable drain system products that are manufactured by Dura Trench are specifically designed to be used for different applications and purposes. In addition to the wide range of application possibilities, you can also be confident that the installation process will be quick and easy for many of these drain systems.

While these convenient drain systems are only produced in three primary facilities across the country, you will be pleased to hear that they are available for purchase across the entire United States.

The impressive catalog of drain system products from Eric’sons Dura Trench production line is extremely convenient, especially for individuals that are looking for a customized drain system solution that will work for their specific needs.

Catalog of Drain System Solutions that are Currently Available

Are you looking for specific types of drain systems that can be used for your project? Check out this convenient list of products that you might be interested in learning more about.

List of Primary Drain System Products

  • Trench Drains
  • Slot Drains
  • Stainless Steel Trench Drains
  • Radius Trench Drains
  • Utility Trench Drains
  • Chemical Trench Drains
  • Basins and Sumps
  • Trench Grates
  • Trench Forming Systems

Most of these drain system products are specifically designed with the latest technology to ensure that the highest level of manufacturing quality is achieved.

Other Information – Dura Trench (Dallas, GA.)

The incredible manufacturing facility for Dura Trench in Paulding County is just one of the great locations that heavy-duty drain systems are crafted for commercial and industrial use. Note that we are just 45 minutes from Atlanta, Georgia.  We service all of Metro Atlanta and it’s surrounding communities.

If you are struggling to find the appropriate linear drain solution for your specific needs, allow the Eric’sons Dura Trench product line help you achieve your project goals. As mentioned above, there are dozens of great solutions available in different varieties and sizes.

Dura Trench continues to manufacture these high-quality commercial trench drain systems for distribution across the United States to the public consumers that need them for custom commercial and industrial projects. Contact us today so we can help you make your next project a success!