Trench Drain Manufacturer in Ogden, Utah

Trench Drain Manufacturer in Ogden, Utah

The Dura Trench product line is full of incredibly reputable drain system solutions that can apply to multiple industrial and commercial uses. One of the popular manufacturing locations for Dura Trench’s drain system products is within the jurisdiction of Ogden, Utah.

Many different types of drain systems are manufactured at this location by Eric’sons. These reputable solutions include trench drains, slot drains, utility drains, and more. These drains are manufactured for custom purposes. If you have a specific type of project that requires a certain level of customization, then Dura Trench will be able to create something to help you complete your project.

You can be confident that all of the drain systems that are manufactured by Eric’sons in Ogden are professional grade quality and they also have impressive levels of reliability and value.

Drain System Manufacturing in Ogden, UT.

If you have ever heard of the city of Ogden, the last thing that you would probably expect to think about would be drain system manufacturing. With that being said, Ogden is home to one of the facilities that manufacture trench drain systems for Dura Trench.

This manufacturing facility specifically focuses on producing trench drains and slot drains. Other drain system parts are also produced at this location. All of the trench and slot drain systems are available in different width sizes.

While Dura Trench drain system products are available across the country for purchase, there are only a few main locations that they are manufactured. The manufacturing facility in Ogden is currently the westernmost location for the production of Dura Trench drain systems.

The in-depth manufacturing process that takes place at this location is one of the primary reasons that the level of quality is so impressive across all of the drain system products that are provided by Dura Trench. The highest-quality materials are consistently used across all types of drain systems, including stainless steel trench drain systems.

Top Drain Systems | Manufacturing in Ogden, Utah

Dura Trench has a wide variety of drain system products available in its catalog. You can find many different widths, sizes, variations, and materials to choose from. The efficient production process ensures commercial-grade quality for all distributed drain system products from Dura Trench across the nation.

Trench Drains

Heavy-duty trench drains are one of the primary types of drain systems that get manufactured in Ogden’s Dura Trench facility. All of the commercial trench drain products that are produced at this location are offered with custom depths and slopes to align with your needs.

There are several different sizes and widths across all of the drain products from Dura Trench. The customization options are paired with an outstanding level of production quality to ultimately produce one of the best overall products in the entire industry.

Slot Drains

The manufacturing process for slot drains is ultra-convenient for consumers that have custom project requirements. There are nearly 10 different drain sizes for slot drains from Dura Trench and they can provide you with impressive levels of quality from the heavy-duty manufacturing process that goes into producing them.

Stainless Steel Trench Drains

Some of the highest industrial-grade stainless steel is used when manufacturing stainless steel trench drains for the Dura Trench product line. The stainless steel trench drains are designed to provide many different uses for commercial purposes. The high level of manufacturing quality ensures that these stainless steel trench drains remain near the top of the market in terms of quality and value.

In addition to the effective manufacturing process that produces these great stainless steel trench drains, you can also expect exceptional chemical resistance throughout their design. The manufacturing location in Ogden is one of the great locations where these stainless steel trench drains are produced for the public market across the United States.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Dura Trench will go above and beyond to accommodate your custom drain system requests. If any of the traditional drain solutions that are available in the catalog are not suitable for your custom project, then we will carefully review your project requirements and design a custom solution to be produced.

Catalog of Drain System Solutions that are Currently Available

Here is a list of Dura Trench’s catalog of drain products that you might be interested in learning more about.

List of Primary Drain System Products

  • Trench Drains
  • Slot Drains
  • Stainless Steel Trench Drains
  • Radius Trench Drains
  • Utility Trench Drains
  • Chemical Trench Drains
  • Basins and Sumps
  • Trench Grates
  • Trench Forming Systems

Custom solutions are also available for your specific project requirements. Feel free to reach out to see if a custom drain solution is right for you!

Other Information – Dura Trench (Ogden, UT.)

The city of Ogden is well-known for being a mountain town with ski resorts and winter sports activities. By visiting Ogden, you might also come across the manufacturing facility for some of the top-rated linear drain system products that are currently available on the public market.

Eric’sons Dura Trench manufacturing facility in Ogden is just 36 miles North of Salt Lake City in Utah. From this location, many of the heavy-duty parts that are produced for the drain systems are then distributed across the nation. Dura Trench drain systems are all created, produced, and manufactured within the United States.

Dura Trench continues to manufacture these high-quality drain systems for distribution across the United States to the public consumers that need them for custom commercial and industrial projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the high-quality products that are manufactured at each of Eric’sons Dura Trench manufacturing facilities, then check out the product page to learn more about each selection that is currently listed within the catalog.