Flushing Nozzles

Dura Trench can outfit your trench drain or slot drain with a flushing system to keep debris moving inside your drain.  This type of system helps to reduce maintenance inside of a trench drain by ensuring the volume and velocity of water is sufficient to move particulate particles downstream to the outlet point.  A flushing system can also ensure no liquid residues remain after a cleaning cycle.  This can help eliminate odors and chemical exposure.

Our flushing systems are 3/4″ diameter and fully adjustable.  We have several different nozzle options.  We have a pressure nozzles and fan nozzles that can be used depending on the type of trench drain we are mating with.  The flushing systems have a flow between 20 and 40 gallons per minute depending on system pressure.  They are typically controlled with a valve on the wall that is either opened with a solenoid valve on a timer or manually during cleaning operations.

Trench drain flushing nozzle with fan patten
trench drain flushing system round nozzle
trench drain flushing system flare nozzle