Radius & Curved Slot Drains

Eric’sons pioneered the radius trench drain market with Dura Trench TrueRadius™ trench drains. Shortly after, we introduced Dura Trench TrueRadius™ slot drains along with Dura Trench TrueRadius Offset Slot Drains.

Dura Trench TrueRadius™ Slot Drains and DuraTrench TrueRadius ™ Slot Drains are the ONLY curved slot drains on the market! They can be manufactured to any curve/radius, width, depth, slope, and length. Slot drains offer a minimal reveal, resulting in a sleek appearance that is ideal for hardscape.

Gone are the days of segmenting short pieces of drain to mimic a radius. Our TrueRadius™ channel drains are custom-built to match your radius project specifications to provide a functional trench drain that is also an architectural design element.

Why Dura Trench Curved & Radius Slot Drains?

  • Any curve / radius
  • Any width
  • Standard widths include: 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 30”, 36”, & 48”
    • Need a different width? We can do that too! Contact your local representative to learn more
  • Any length
  • Standard section length is 8’ or less allowing for quick installation
    • 10’ section length available for even faster installation
  • Built-in slope
    • Standard slope is .5%
    • Customizable slopes based on the beginning and ending invert (depth) are available
  • Outlet and/or inlet pipe(s) stubbed into the body of the trench channel
  • Choice of pipe size, material, and placement on the channel
  • Cleanout ports are available and recommended per every 50′ of continuous length
  • Flushing nozzles are available and recommended 

TrueRadius™ Trench Drains are also available with the same features and benefits as our TrueRadius™ Slot Drains- please contact your local representative to learn more! 

Radius and Curved Trench Drains

Radius trench drain & radius slot drain photo gallery

Radius Trench Drain Information

Dura Trench is the first USA company to manufacture a pre-sloped curved channel drain.  We offer our curved drainage channels in any radius, width, depth, and slope.  Our curved channel drains are fully customizable and really make a statement for the perfect look.  We also manufacture curved slot drain.  Our curved slot drains hide away and are practically invisible.  We offer our curved slot drains in any radius, diameter, depth, and slope.

​A curved channel drain or curved slot drain has several components that must be considered.  First, the curved channel drain body size must be selected.  The body should be sized for flow and debris loading.  We manufacture the channel drain body out of fiber reinforced polymer concrete.  This makes an extremely durable and corrosion resistant channel drain body that won’t break or chip.  The interior of the curved channel drain is smooth not segmented.  The sections are typically 8 foot long but will vary with the radius selected.  We pre-assemble all our curved channel drains to ensure proper fit and radius dimensions.  The curved channel drains also have a 2″ female receiving flange that can be used to seal the drains water tight. This is important in fountain applications.  Our curved slot drains have the same features and are built from the same materials as our curved channel drains.

We make curved channel drains in the following widths: 2″ curved channel drain, 4″ curved channel drain, 6″ curved channel drain, 8″ curved channel drain, 10″ curved channel drain, 12″ curved channel drain, 18″ curved channel drain, and 24″ curved channel drain.

​We make curved slot drains in the following widths: 4″ curved slot drain, 6″ curved slot drain, 8″ curved slot drain, 10″ curved slot drain.  Other sizes of curved slot drain are possible simply contact our engineers for design assistance.

The next feature that must be selected is the frame for the curved channel drain.  We curve these to the exact radius required for you curved channel drain or curved slot drain.  For our curved channel drains we offer frames in epoxy coated steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  We can produce a plastic frame for some radius applications if the radius is larger than about 35 feet.  For our curved slot drains we offer two styles of frames.  The first is a medium duty frame that can be used when your curved slot drain is being used next to a wall or has paving stones around it.  These frames are less visible but not as strong.  If your curved slot drain will have traffic on it, we recommend our heavy duty frame.  It is more visible but extremely strong.  Our curved slot drain frames are offered in epoxy coated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Finally, if you are using a curved channel drain you must consider the grate on the top.  A true curved trench drain grate must be made to match your exact radius for that smooth look.  We manufacture these curved channel drain grates in all types of materials, finishes, patterns, and load ratings.  Radius grates can be fully customized to meet your every need.  We also offer several standard curved channel drain grates to meet the needs of customers that are in a hurry.  Contact your local sales rep to help you with your radius grating selection.

​Dura Trench curved channel drains and curved slot drains are great for applications such as fountains, splash parks, pools, patios, pavilions, balconies, next to walls, next to buildings, around fire pits, or any other application where the look is important.  Let our team of experts help you design your next curved channel drain or curved slot drain!