Channel Struts

Dura Trench offers our utility trenches with built in channel strut in the walls and/or bottom of the utility trench.  The channel strut (commonly called unistrut) is fixed to the mold when casting our utility trenches  allowing the channel strut to be factory installed and sealed into the utility trench walls.  This means that a Dura Trench utility trench can be used for secondary containment without penetrations later to mount your utilities.

​The channel struts come standard in galvanized steel.  For chemical or secondary containment utility trenches we also offer stainless steel and fiberglass (FRP) channel strut.  Note that the FRP channel strut is also useful to make a completely non-conductive utility trench.

​All of our channel strut will come with at least 2 anchors per channel strut.  This eliminates the worry about weight applied on the channel strut.  Our utility trenches can hold whatever utilities you might need no matter the weight.

Utility trench system with channel strut