I-264 Virginia Beach Roadway Drainage Improvements Uses 5000ft of DuraTrench

Eric'sons was able to improve on the original trench drain design of this VDOT project. Multiple jack and bore pipe connections under I-264 were eliminated by the DuraTrench product. With its long +300ft continuous sloped runs the drains were able to tie into existing box culverts. Eric'sons manufactured custom flumes from the trench, at a steep angle, which attached to the crown of the existing concrete box culverts. The overall DuraTrench design improved the flow of solids out of the drain, reducing maintenance. A special inlet, attached to the trench drain, was even designed, to allow drainage during paving. As I-264 is an active roadway this was a critical safety factor. Grates were secured with four point lock downs (non-removable available) to withstand the dynamic loading of traffic.

Eric'sons is regularly involved in design build projects like this. From our history as an installer, creative engineering department, and quality craftsmen. Eric'sons designs and manufactures drainage solutions for road & highway projects around the United States.

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