DIY - how to hand form a trench drain

December 26, 2018

We get asked "how to form a concrete trench drain" quite often.  People often think that they will save a lot of money forming a poured in place concrete trench drain.  A good old fashioned hand formed concrete trench drain is labor intensive but very flexible in terms of design.  The contractor can easily adjust width, depth, slope, and add almost any feature desired. The down side to hand forming a concrete trench drain is that it takes skill and time to get it right.  On this page I will give some of the basics of how to form a concrete trench drain.  We also sell the frames and grates to make a hand formed trench drain.  If you are not sure you have the skill to form a concrete trench drain consider one of our precast trench drains or trench drain forming systems.  These prefabricated trench drain systems make it easy to get a quality trench drain.