Stainless trench drain install

Over the Christmas Holidays our crews were hard at work installing over 300 linear feet of stainless steel trench drain in a food and beverage production facility. The project required some 8" wide stainless steel trench drains and some 4" wide stainless steel trench drains.

This heavy duty 8" wide stainless steel trench drain was at the entrance to the room and has constant fork truck traffic. These are not light duty stamped stainless steel grates. These are 10" wide x 1 1/2" thick stainless steel grates with 1/4" thick top and heavy load bearing bars. These grates will last a lifetime! View all our trench grating selections!

Most of the process drains in the room were 4" wide stainless steel trench drains.

Contact us about installing your next stainless steel trench drain on time and on budget!

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