Trench Drains in Atlanta, GA

Trench Drains in Atlanta, GA

DuraTrench trains are highly versatile and can be adapted to almost any use. Our innovative design and manufacturing process ensures the quality and integrity of each of our drains. Whether you need a small slot drain for a driveway or an industrial-sized trench drain for a manufacturing center, we have what you need.

Trench Drains We Offer in the Atlanta Area:

Slot Drains:

A slot drain is best used where drainage is required without the use of large grates. Coming in varying heights and strengths, a slot drain can be adapted to any situation. These drains are often used around pools or against walls where grates would cause issues to the use of the space. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the more water the drain can handle.

A smaller diameter slot drain may be easier to install as it requires less work, but it will need more maintenance down the line to remove debris. Varying heights create slopes in the drains where they would otherwise be flat to promote water flow and prevent clogs. It is recommended that slot drains have a clean-out installed at regular intervals to ensure flow.

Trench Drains:

The classic trench drain can be seen all over the city in public parks, industrial areas, and private areas. These drains start at 2” and go all the way up to 48” to accommodate any requirements. Drains are built with a standard 0.5% slope but also can be adjusted to fit your needs. Small trench drains are ideal when a low-profile drain is necessary but maintains easy access.

Our drains come in a wide variety of framing materials including, painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, brass, and bronze. The 4” drain is the most common drain that provides the perfect balance of adequate drainage and low visual impact.

Radius Trench Drains for Your Atlanta Project:

A true radius trench drain is the perfect addition to any curved areas that require drainage. These drains are commonly used around fountains, pools, or other outdoor spaces to fit in with the design while providing function. Radius trench drains come in 2”-24” widths and can be made from different materials to fit your project.

Radius slot drains are also available in 4”-12” widths and offer a seamless look to any space. Our radius drains are pre-molded in the factory to ensure it follows the exact curve of the design.

Utility Trench:

Utility trenches are designed with present and future needs in mind. No one wants to dig a trench in the same space more than once, so make your life easy and install a utility trench for future projects. Widths range from 10”-48” and can be anchored to concrete to ensure they won’t move.

These trenches can also be equipped with chemical resistance to ensure the safety of your employees. You can place electrical wiring, data cables, gas, sewer, water, and more. Utility trenches can also be used as access points to electrical panels in a warehouse.

Stainless Steel Trench Drains for Atlanta Business’s Food Grade Needs:

In addition to our polymer trenches, we offer stainless steel food-grade trenches ideal for kitchens, production factories, and foodservice locations. These trenches can withstand the chemicals used in cleaning and prevent mold and bacteria from clinging to the sides. Stainless steel trenches pair best with stainless steel grates for a clean finish.

You can also purchase stainless steel clean-outs and floor drains to complete your system. We ship our food-grade steel drains in lengths as long as 40’ to minimize joints and welding points during installation.

DuraTrench in Atlanta, GA:

Our polymer trench drains are manufactured with a new blend of resins, fibers, and aggregates, creating a trench drain that will outlast most other drains on the market. The strong polymer is resistant to UV light so that it won’t warp in the heat like other plastics.

It adapts to every need. Our trench drains can be manufactured as shallow as 2” to allow for slim, minimal impact drainage. Each piece is easily identified with labels and directional flow, making installation a snap. You can find installation instructions on our website or hire a professional.

Customizable for a Wide Range of Atlanta Area Uses:

Forming trench drains from scratch takes time, effort, and a great deal of skill. Using our prefabricated drains takes the guesswork out of the process and reduces time to complete. Purchasing the drain and the grate from us will ensure a seamless installation.

Each drain comes with a 2” overlap for a watertight seal and brackets preinstalled for attaching your drain. The pieces are compatible with rebar of varying strengths to suit your needs. The preformed components can be formed into L junctions, T junctions, or even curves with the radius drain.

Uses for Trench Drains in Atlanta Infrastructure:

Trench drains have the versatility to fit any project. With the level of customization, we can find the right trench drain, slot drain, or utility trench for you. The more you know about trench drains, the more often you will see them around your town. They are in parks, playgrounds, malls, pools, gardens, food services, and industrial spaces.

Not only are they essential for commercial buildings, but residential communities also use them in their shared spaces along with individual homeowners. With a wide variety of grates to choose from, you can rest assured your drain will fit your design without attracting too much attention. We offer stainless steel, ADA compliant, ornamental, plastic grates, and more.


All of our pieces are manufactured in the US. We currently operate three locations in Dallas, GA, Ogden, UT, and Chester, VA. Wherever you are in the country, we can get your drain to you. Our factories operate up to 18 hours per day to ensure fast delivery and keep up with increasing demand.

How to Find Your Atlanta Based Representative:

We have representatives in each of the 50 states. To find your nearest representative, visit our website and find your state. Whether you are in the market for a small trench drain for your garden or a large food-grade stainless steel drain for your restaurant, we have what you are looking for.