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Quality commercial grade Dura Trench drain products are available nationwide with rapid delivery from our extensive inventory.   Eric'sons stands behind the products we manufacture with knowledgeable technical support and installation advice.

Dura Trench has a complete line of heavy duty commercial trench drains.  Trench drains are offered in 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 18", 24", 36", and 48" widths.  Our commercial trench drains offer a wide assortment of load bearing frame options from light duty pedestrian frames to heavy duty traffic rated frames. The entire commercial trench drain line is offered with custom depths and slopes to meet your project specific needs.  Top your trench drain with a large assortment of trench drain grates for a complete trench drain system.  We also offer the highest quality residential driveway drain system.

Dura Trench manufactures a full line of easy to install slot drain systems (also called slotted pipe or slotted drain).  The slot drain sizes offered are 4", 6", 8", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", and 36".  All of our slot drains systems have variable height throats to meet any slope you might desire.  With smooth flow lines and multiple frame options our slot drains are the best on the market.

Dura Trench offers stainless trench drains and stainless steel slot drains in both 304 and 316 stainless steel.  These industrial grade stainless trench drains are smooth and food safe.  They also offer superior chemical resistance and the joints can have a bolted flange or fully welded connection to provide seamless water tight systems.  We can ship the stainless trench drains in long sections to minimize field welding and joints.  Our stainless steel trench drains and stainless steel slot drains are the highest quality on the market!

Dura Trench offers an architecturally pleasing, true radius trench drain system.  Each piece is constructed with a gentle curve to match the desired radius.  Endless curved grate options complete the look of the true radius trench drain system.

Dura Trench has a large selection of utility trenches.  Our utility trenches have built in channel strut to make mounting of pipes or cables easy.  Our utility trenches are chemical resistant and can provide secondary containment.  Utility trenches can be sloped to eliminate water standing in the bottom of the utility trench.  Dura Trench manufactures utility trenches in 12", 18", 24", 36", and 48" widths.  Outfit the utility trench with a wide assortment of frames to match your load and chemical resistance needs.  Then top the utility trench with a wide selection of cover or grate options for a complete utility trench solution.

When the standard product line of heavy duty trench drainsslotted drains, and utility trenches won't fit your needs you can rely on Eric'sons Dura Trench to provide custom solutions for every need. We offer a very versatile pallet of custom fabrication options to provide everything from trench drains that buck grade to slot drains fabricated in a radius. If you dream it, we can build it.


Our founders began as installers of trench drains, slot drains, and stainless steel trench drains.  Years of hands on experience spawned innovation in product design.


Trench Drain Blog

The Dura Trench family of trench drain products were designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial use.  These commercial channel drains are engineered with the best available technology.  The precast heavy duty trench drain systems are manufactured using our proprietary durable fiber reinforced polymer concrete.  The trench drain channels typically come in 8 foot or longer sections for fewer joints.  Thie makes the trench drain installation faster than other systems on the market.  This speed of installation is critical in commercial and industrial trench drain projects to keep labor costs to a minimum.  Dura Trench commercial trench drain systems also come fully assembled.  Unskilled labor can easily figure out how to install our heavy duty trench drain systems.  The trench drain body comes with a 2" overlap bell to make sealing the joints watertight much easier than with other trench drain systems.  This is critical for commercial trench drain applications where a plumbing code will require a watertight trench drain.  Our commercial duty channel drains are lighter weight so that one person can easily lift and set an 8ft piece in place without breaking OSHA rules.  Many other commercial precast trench drain systems are much heavier and their channel drains take two or more people to lift and set in place according to OSHA regulations.

The unique design of the Dura trench drain system allows us to offer standard trench drain sizes as follows: 2" trench drain, 4" trench drain, 6" trench drain, 8" trench drain, 10" trench drain, 12" trench drain, 18" trench drain, 24" trench drain, 36" trench drain, and 48" trench drain.  Dura Trench drain systems can also be manufactured in any slope.  Our channel drain manufacturing process allows the customer to get the exact flow and velocity they need inside the channel drain.  Our commercial channel drains can also be outfitted with any size and type of outlet pipe.  We cast any type of pipe fitting directly into the sidewall, end, or bottom of our trench drain systems.  This means that there are less pieces and faster installation of our channel drains.  Our trench drain bodies can also be manufactured with a rectangular or radius bottom.  A trench drain with a radius bottom offers better cleaning velocities reducing maintenance of the channel drain.  A rectangular bottom trench drain is often selected for above grade commercial applications where the channel drain is used in a shallow depth application.  Our shallow trench drains can be outfitted with clamping collars to receive waterproofing membranes.  Dura Trench drain systems with rectangular bottoms are also used in industrial and commercial applications where customers may want to clean the channel drain with a flat shovel.

The durability of our heavy duty trench drain systems is a result of years of studying why trench drains fail on commercial sites and inside of industrial factories.  We observed that most heavy duty trench drain failures are not due to channel drain grating or even improper installation of the trench drain system.  Most commercial channel drains fail because they do not properly transfer the loading through the top of the trench drain system.  The wheel loads must be properly transferred through the channel drain grating, into the channel drain frame, and finally into the surrounding concrete.  If any of the components of a heavy duty trench drain system fail, then the channel drain is compromised.  Dura Trench drain systems are designed for the commercial and industrial environment to provide proper load transfer from the channel drain grate into the load bearing frame.  Many "commercial" channel drain systems transfer this load directly into the channel drain wall.  The wall of a typical trench drain body has little load transfer ability.  This is why the heavy duty Dura Trench drain system has a frame that accepts this load and transfers it to the surrounding concrete.  Our commercial and industrial trench drain frames are offered in a wide variety of materials and finishes to fit any application.  We never compromise on the proper load transfer of the load applied to the trench drain.  This ensures that we can handle the heavy duty loads that you demand from a trench drain.  

Dura Trench drain systems have a long track record in applications such as airports, breweries, wineries, truck docks, gas stations, animal hospitals, kennels, industrial and manufacturing, sea ports, inter-modal facilities, food and beverage facilities, roadways, fountains, parks, patios, pavilions, pools, splash pads, fire stations, aquatic facilities, sports complexes, and the list goes on.  When you need a high quality trench drain system choose Dura Trench channel drains for your next project.