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Never Installed Trench Drain?

Today we want to feature a trench drain installation done by a plumber in SW Florida who had never installed trench drain before. The first thing that was done was to install the catch basin. Note that the basin has installation brackets to easily level and secure the basin in the correct location (unlike many of the other commercial systems on the market). Next notice that the basin has a piece of pipe integrally cast into the basin that makes connection easy. Not need to drill and seal holes. Now notice the long trench sections with factory installed plywood in the top. The wood keeps concrete out and allowed the use of a wood scab to hold the sections in perfect alignment. The metal

Decorative Stainless Trench Drain

Dura Trench manufactures custom trench drain out of many different materials. This ornamental trench drain grate was specifically created for a customer to be extremely durable and long wearing. This trench drain grate is beautiful on the slight angle elevating the design of this space. This application was a pedestrian bridge in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in California. When designing public transit items the use is constant and the expected life span is usually 50+ years. This means that products must be durable and built from quality materials. Dura Trench specializes in providing high quality channel drains, slot drains, radius trench drains, utility trenches, and stainless ste

I-264 Virginia Beach Roadway Drainage Improvements Uses 5000ft of DuraTrench

Eric'sons was able to improve on the original trench drain design of this VDOT project. Multiple jack and bore pipe connections under I-264 were eliminated by the DuraTrench product. With its long +300ft continuous sloped runs the drains were able to tie into existing box culverts. Eric'sons manufactured custom flumes from the trench, at a steep angle, which attached to the crown of the existing concrete box culverts. The overall DuraTrench design improved the flow of solids out of the drain, reducing maintenance. A special inlet, attached to the trench drain, was even designed, to allow drainage during paving. As I-264 is an active roadway this was a critical safety factor. Grates were secu

Covid vs Katrina

While currently in the Covid19 pandemic it is hard to imagine a worse time. This picture gives a little hope. The people of Louisiana suffered one of the worst flooding due to hurricane Katrina in 2005. As a result, this seawall with thousands of feet of Dura Trench drain was installed to protect the area. We will get through this pandemic and recover!

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