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Trench drain or French drain

What is the difference in a Trench drain and a French drain? Let's explore.... Since the beginning of time humankind recognized that too much water was not a good thing. Excessive pooling and stagnant water causes disease and infestation. One of the earliest ways of getting rid of the water was to channel it to a better location. This was first accomplished using a dirt channel. As civilization advanced and surfaces were paved those channels were cut from stone. Later they were poured with concrete. Finally, today we cover those channels with a grated top to keep the channel safe. The trench drain was born. The french drain is another thing altogether. The french drain was not inven

Your Design!

That's right - it is your project and it is your design. Don't settle for a boring trench drain that does not match your architectural style. Let Eric'sons Dura Trench make the pattern that enhances your space. Take this patio project for example. Our customer wanted a certain look and they really wanted long lasting aluminum so that it weathered to a dull silver color. Dura Trench can assist designers with almost any look in both straight and radius trench drains. What can we do for you today?

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