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Marine Corp Air Station Quantico uses DuraTrench for Marine One Hangar

A few years ago MCAS Quantico upgraded the hangars and apron used by HMX-1 "NIghthawks". The squadron that operates the helicopters designated as Marine One. Eric'sons construction division installed approximately 6000ft of slotted drains in the apron. Supplied over 2000ft of 20B24DIF frame and grate for the AFFF (Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam) fire suppression trench inside the hangar. The AFFF system is a series of trenches arranged in the hangar floor. It utilizes a particular grated nozzle set at specific intervals in the trench drain runs. This nozzle when activated sprays a fire suppressing foam under the aircraft putting out the fire. The foam fire fighting material then drains thru the

BIG Stainless Steel Trench Drains!

That's right - DuraTrench makes all sizes of stainless steel trench drains and stainless steel slot drains. This is a short clip of our team in the process of making some 18" wide x 3' deep stainless steel trench drains for an ethanol plant. This particular project called for 12ga T316L stainless material. Think of DuraTrench as more than just a 4" prefab trench drain. Let us help you with your next commercial kitchen, manufacturing plant, food and beverage plant, architectural application, or any other stainless trench drain project!

San-J Foods Plant Upgrades Utilize DuraTrench

San-J is a large brewer of Tamari a variety of rich naturally fermented soy sauce. When the Virginia plant required upgrades to failing trench drains, Eric'sons was asked to visit the plant and help develop solutions. Working with the San-J personnel, seeing the Tamari brewed, and understanding the issues other drains have had, Eric'sons designed a trench drain to meet their specific needs. Stainless steel was not an option due the acidic nature of the Tamari. The DuraTrench product, that developed from those discussions, reflected a forklift rated fiber reinforced polymer grate, frame, and channel. All components non-reactive to the Tamari. The Pre-fabricated trench drain utilized long 20

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