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Complex Trench Drain Layout?

When you need a trench drain layout that is designed around an industrial process we can help. This trench drain layout is weaving around the perimeter of a power plant STG slab. Dura Trench linear drains come in long sections wit the turns factory fabricated for easy field installation even in the most complex installation situations. Our factory attached installation aides and plywood covers allow for proper installation and bracing so that your trenches remain on grade and are straight. Short sections with installation clips on the bottom of the channels would make an installation such as this near impossible. Let Dura Trench show you why our systems are the best in the business for

Stainless Steel Trench Drain

Eric'sons Dura Trench is currently working with South Carolina contractor Loveless Commercial Contractors to supply and install a large stainless steel trench drain system for Perdue. Perdue is one of the leading poultry providers in the nation and they take food safety very serious. Eric'sons was selected for it's unique ability to provide, install, and field weld a complete stainless steel trench drain system. This project is a retrofit to an existing plant and requires stainless steel trench drains that are up to 44" deep. Perdue asked that we provide heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel trench drains. The grating will be our food grade fiberglass grates that are easy to sanitize but c

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