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Trench Grate open area

Questions about trench grate open area continue to pop up. And similar related question is clogging factor as related to trench drain grating. To answer this question we need to look at the perspective of a typical design engineer. When looking at a floor drain this is a very relevant question because the grate open area is often similar in size to the area of the pipe. If it is less the drain cannot fill the pipe to capacity and the design is flawed. Also, if debris clogs the drain then the same thing happens. With a trench drain the grating is continuous over a long length providing many times excess in open area as compared to the size of the outlet piping. Many times a trench drain

Trench drain outlet piping

A recent customer raised the question about whether they should or should not install a P trap on the outlet piping of their trench drain. The answer varies depending on where the trench drain is located. If the trench drain is outside the building and carries storm water then the answer is NO. You do not want a trap on a storm water trench drain. The reason for a P trap is to stop foul air from coming back up the pipe. This is not a problem outside the building because the downstream end is usually open to air and you are not confined inside a building. A P trap on a trench drain in this application will only cause clogging and maintenance issues. On the other hand, if the trench drai

Curved Pool Drain Update

A while back we shared a curved pool drain project that was under construction. Below are finished pictures of the project after the project was open to the public. The end result is stunning! Learn about all the products Dura Trench offers to make a perfect solution to your drainage problems!

DFW Airport Hardstand

We recently completed a large trench drain project at DFW Airport Hardstand with Austin Bridge and Road. The project utilized our 10" wide fire retardant trench drains with extreme duty frame and aircraft rated grating. The project was shipped in 16' trench drain sections. Austin Bridge and Road seemed to effortlessly install the 3300 linear foot project. We believe it had something to do with our user friendly Dura Trench drain system! View more airport trench drain design considerations here!

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