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Curved pool drains

This pool project required a unique combination of curved and straight trench drain. The drain needed to follow curves and match precisely with multiple radii of the wall and spa. The Dura Trench pre-manufactured radius trench drain system is able to accomplish this like no other. Consider our true radius trenches on your next project! View other pool trench drain design considerations here!

Trench drain at shipyard park

This softball stadium at Detyens Shipyard Park utilized over 1500 linear feet of trench drains to keep the bleachers dry. This premium facility has beautiful turf fields, covered bleachers, and a nice concession area. The park used trench drain to allow the entire plaza area to be flat and easy to navigate. This flat part and ADA compliant trench drain makes the facility accessable to all sporting fans. Now let's dry up the rains with trench drain and play ball!

Why trench drains fail - Part 1

Trench drains are meant to be a long term investment that provides years of drainage service life. Unfortunately, all to often we see trench drain failures in a relatively short time period because the wrong products were installed. A properly designed trench drain will last for 25-50 years or longer. Poorly selected trench drains often fail in 2-5 years or even sooner. We are going to start this series talking about the top edge of the trench drain. This edge receives traffic and is responsible for supporting the trench drain grate. This is one of the most overlooked parts of a trench drain. On the DuraTrench system this is called the frame, but with many systems this can be an integr

12" wide radius trench drain

The above Dura Trench 12" wide true radius trench drain is set on a 14'-6" radius installed by Anderson Moore Construction. The high end banking establishment used several different sizes of radius trench drain to accent the plazas and patios. The curved trench drain was actually one of the architectural elements that was used to bring character and class to the project. These drains were meant to make a statement! Learn more about our radius trench drains and see more projects here!

Welcome Keystone Sales

We want to welcome Keystone Sales to our team. They are a strong and qualified Manufacturer's representative group serving Pennsylvania and Delaware. You can visit them on their web site at Find a representative in your area here!

Stainless trench drain install

Over the Christmas Holidays our crews were hard at work installing over 300 linear feet of stainless steel trench drain in a food and beverage production facility. The project required some 8" wide stainless steel trench drains and some 4" wide stainless steel trench drains. This heavy duty 8" wide stainless steel trench drain was at the entrance to the room and has constant fork truck traffic. These are not light duty stamped stainless steel grates. These are 10" wide x 1 1/2" thick stainless steel grates with 1/4" thick top and heavy load bearing bars. These grates will last a lifetime! View all our trench grating selections! Most of the process drains in the room were 4" wide stainle

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