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Stainless steel trench drain

Just got some pictures back from a stainless steel trench drain that we shipped recently. The contractor said that the trench drain was "super easy to install" because we made the trench sections as a single piece 32' long with the catch basin welded water tight to the drain at the factory. All the contractor had to do was set the trench to grade and connect the pipe.

Temple University

I just received this video of Temple University Founders Square. This project utilized a radius trench drain that really turned out to be a stunning part of the design of the project. Just goes to show that paying attention to the details of the design really matters.

Environmental trench drain solution

We recently ran across a special trench drain that was designed by a landscape architecture firm to assist in controlling the runoff while still having capacity for the storm surge. The trench drain utilized a small trench on the uphill side that collects most rainfall events and transitions them across the trench to a bio retention area. If heavy rainfall exists and the small trench fills up it will run over the internal wall of that small trench into a larger trench drain. This larger trench drain then caries the excessive water to an outfall structure to ensure the bio retention area is not overloaded. We have manufactured the product and it will be installed in December 2017. An upda

Sealants in Cold Weather

As winter approaches you may get asked the question of "can a sealant kit be used in the winter". The answer is yes. The Dura Trench sealants are heat sensitive and it is best at about 70 degrees. The two part sealants can be used all winter long. All you will need is a heat gun. Store the sealant kits in a temperature controlled area to keep it at typical room temperature. Bring out small amounts of the sealant materials at a time (just enough for a joint at a time). The area to be sealed should be warmed a little with the heat gun first then the sealant is applied. After sealant is applied the heat should be maintained for at least 5-10 min depending on how hot you have the material

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